The Vault Festival: The Review Review

The Vault Festival: The Review Review

So, that’s it – The Vault Festival is over. At Upper Circle we covered a selection of things that went on, and here they are in order of, well, how good we thought they were. To see all reviews from The Vault Festival, click here.

One show achieved Five Stars:

One Duck Down ★★★★★

There were quite a few other good shows though, here are the ones we thought deserved four stars:

Becoming Shades ★★★★

Think Of England ★★★★

Ad Libido ★★★★

Thirsty ★★★★

Brilliant Jerks ★★★★

And then the more acquired taste or needs work categories: 

Be Prepared ★★★

Ok, Bye ★★★

Timothy ★★★

I Have A Mouth And I Will Scream ★★

Das Fest ★★

This certainly isn’t the end of The Vaults, despite it being the end of this festival. Stay tuned for what you can see at The Vaults now the madness of the festival is over!

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