Review: ★★★ Timothy, The Vault Festival

Timothy twists and turns as the audience are introduced to a weird domestic relationship. Annette asks her friends to help, as her husband is trying to kill her. Snatchback theatre company have ventured into unchartered and original territory, full of over the top characters and perfect comedic timing that’ll leave you thinking: what did I just watch?

The idea is inventive – there is no knowing what will happen or where it will go. There are plot twists throughout, even ending in one. A focus on the finer details managed to create great comedy, to the extent that they could have used an even bigger spotlight. The characters are well written stereotypes and they juxtapose each other a lot – almost too much, but it adds nicely to the extremity of the show.

Though largely well written, the script can sometimes feels like the dialogue is going around in circles. As soon as they finished an unresolved conversation they would start it again and still get nowhere with it. With such an interesting, edge-of-your-seat concept, David K Barnes and Michael Milne could certainly have written more content into this production, particularly as the show has a short running time as it is. 

The acting was over-the-top characterisation, which fitted well with the show. It did seem a bit like all of the actors weren’t on the same over-acting level though, which could be a bit distracting at times. Hannah Sinclair Robinson, who played Annette and Amani Zardoe who portrayed Yvonne were amazing though. Great acting and amazing projection, incredibly engaging actresses both of them.

The comedy elements were on point. Director Rafaella Marcus and the whole cast had excellent comedic timing. They even had a fake murder on stage, which was a bold choice, but definitely payed off and appropriate in a show of this style. Having said that, it did result in the energy dropping for a few minutes after this climactic point.

Timothy is a fun show, with creatively reinvented characters and loads of little twists. There are some evident flaws in the repetition of the dialogue and the moments of flat energy was a shame, as the actors were so good at projecting up until that point. It is an amazing idea though and the comedic timing throughout is incredible, so if you want to see something original that will make you laugh, this is a great piece for you.

Yasmin Simsek


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