Edinburgh Fringe Review: ★★★★ Anything That We Wanted To Be, Summerhall, Cairns Lecture Theatr

What if every decision you ever made created a new pathway in another version of reality, ending up in an infinite number of universes with infinite versions of yourself?

Playing with the idea of Hugh Everett’s “Multiverse” theory, Adam Lenson writes a dazzling piece, retelling his life’s story and his ordeal being diagnosed with cancer by moving back and forth between ‘Day 0’ all the way back to the day he was born, and forward to the year surpassing the day he was diagnosed. 

The accompanying score is comprised of Lenson’s own vocals on a loop pedal which could have been treated and compressed to elevate the musical numbers to new heights, but the content of the pieces were witty, and intelligent lyrics.

Overall the light, sound and set design was exciting and engaging, as Lenson told the audience about how during his formative years Tetris and Fleetwood Mac were comforts for him and how these things gave him some form of solace during some of the most difficult times of his life. 

Lenson makes the audience question, “when you are saying ‘yes’ to one life choice, are you saying ‘goodbye’ to what could have been?”. This raw piece, reminds us that there is no version of ourselves in this ‘unending multiverse’ that is truly perfect. 

An honest, touching and thought provoking show.

Lenson is raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support during his run, and would like anyone who has the means to consider donating anything they can.

‘Anything That We Wanted To Be’ is running in Summerhall, The Cairns Lecture Theatre until the 27th August.

Emily Miller

Emily Miller
Emily Miller

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