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Theatre is too expensive. 

It’s something I’ve heard all too often, and if you don’t know where to look, it can be true. However, there are so many ways around it, and I want people to be able to go to the theatre without breaking the bank.

The aim of this list is to point you in the direction of tickets for West End and Off West End productions. Many ticket vendors advertise ‘no booking fee’ but charge an inflated price, for example, so this is a guide to where to look for tickets. Obviously, Upper Circle therefore take no responsibility for the bookings you make with individual vendors. This page contains affiliate links, however we still only publicise what we believe to be the ‘best deals’ for our readers, here. 

A mini guide:

  • If you want the latest deals and offers as they go live, make sure you join this facebook group where people share the best deals they can find for lots of different shows in London!
  • Day Seats refers to tickets which you can purchase in person at the box office on the day of the performance, at a reduced price. They are limited to 2 per person unless it is stated otherwise. Look at this table if you want information on specific shows, and when you’re likely to need to queue from, etc.
  • The ‘Box Office’ refers to the box office at the theatre, not any website which may have ‘box office’ in their URL.
  • ‘Kids Week’ is pretty unbeatable if you have children, and want to go to the theatre in August. The name is misleading as it actually runs for a month. Buy a full price ticket, and a child goes free. Tickets go on sale in June.
  • TodayTix often have shows which advertise a % off, so despite TodayTix usually having a £3 transaction fee (included in all prices that you see), they’re usually reduced enough to make them significantly cheaper than going direct to the box office.
  • The TKTS booth in Leicester Square sell tickets on the day/the day before a performance, and advertise their discounts here, which is always worth checking. They are very clear and up front with their discounts which is really helpful.

9 to 5

Get £25 rush tickets on the day from TodayTix.

Aladdin (Prince Edward Theatre)

A Lottery is available weekly, from 11am Monday until 11am Tuesday, online, giving participants the chance to win £25 tickets for the following week.

On The Day
An unspecified number of £25 tickets are available on the day of the performance.


The Book of Mormon (Prince of Wales)

On The Day: 

Lottery Tickets in Person are available for The Book Of Mormon. Arrive at the theatre between 5 and 5:30 (the draw is at 5:30), enter for either 1 or 2 tickets, and watch the tombola decide your fate!

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery

There’s a pretty consistent offer on TodayTix at the moment, which has been there for a while!

Come From Away



Day seats are £25 at the box office from 10am.

Rush tickets are £25 from TodayTix, but you have to be really quick to get them at the moment.


On The Day: Rush tickets seem to be relatively easy to get on TodayTix, or in person at TKTS there are often some seats reduced by 60%.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (Apollo)

On The Day
Dayseats available at the box office discretion at £25. They will also offer £20 tickets usually, but these are for the very front row, where the view is really bad. The stage is really high, so it makes it difficult to see anything. The £25 seats seem to be best available in the rest of the theatre.

TodayTix have a lottery selling tickets for £20 – again, these are for the very front row where the view is awful.

Hamilton (Victoria Palace)

Absolutely no chance of getting a good ‘deal’. Tickets start from £37.

Beware – sites like Viagogo have been caught selling tickets but the tickets are fraudulent and won’t be valid – Hamilton are operating a paperless ticketing system requiring patrons to provide ID, and the original payment card used, to the theatre on the day of the performance for which they have booked.

On The Day
Hamilton are running a ticket lottery where you can enter to get up to two £10 tickets. They’re not guaranteed to be together, though. Download the ‘Hamilton’ app, scroll across to ‘London’ and enter the lottery from 2 days before each performance.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Palace)

The Friday Forty is a weekly lottery, which now runs via app TodayTix. Click the link to find out more about how to enter – you’ll be placed in a queue, and then people are selected at random to be able to buy a maximum of 2 tickets. The tickets are £20 each, so £40 to see both parts of the play.

Les Miserables (Queens)

Good Luck. You know how it is, supply and demand. Right now, Les mis don’t need to sell tickets any cheaper than they do because they could probably sell tickets however much they cost.

Direct from the box office is usually your best option in this case. The TKTS booth in Leicester Square also have some higher priced tickets quite heavily discounted.

That said, Todaytix is worth a try – Sometimes there are some  £30 mark, but make sure to check that against box office price depending on which area you’re looking to sit in.

The Lion King (Lyceum)

On The Day
An unspecified number of £25 tickets available from the Box Office at 10am, which, what a treat, are now SEATS rather than standing tickets, which they were a while back.

Mamma Mia (Novello)

Direct from the Box Office is almost always best.

TodayTix are going to offer Rush Tickets throughout April.

Matilda (Cambridge)

Lottery: You can secure Band A seats for £25 if you can be a bit spontaneous, you’ll usually find out 3-5 days in advance whether you have the chance to buy them or not.

On The Day:
Age 16-25

This one is good if you’re willing to queue. 16 £5 tickets are available from the box office at 10am each morning. They’re not the best seats in the house – rows G to K in the upper circle, and they’re considered ‘restricted view’, but you definitely can’t complain for £5. Plus, the show is fantastic. Unlike other day seats though, these are limited to 1 per person.

Motown (Shaftesbury)

TodayTix often sell tickets from £22.50, but be careful to check that against box office price.
On The Day:
Day Seats are £20 Monday to Thursday, £25 Friday and Saturday, direct from the Box Office.
TKTS sell some discounted tickets a day or so in advance
TodayTix also have £25 Rush Tickets 

The Mousetrap (St Martin’s Theatre)

On The Day:
16 dayseat tickets available for £27.50 (£28.50 Saturday) from the box office.

The Phantom Of The Opera (Her Majesty’s)

On The Day
For Thursday matinee performances – £25 day seats available at the box office from 10am.
For other performances – from experience, the box office are helpful. There are some £26.50 tickets in row D of the upper circle from which the view is absolutely fine.

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The Play That Goes Wrong (Duchess)

TKTS often have some tickets at half price or better.

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School of Rock (Gillian Lynne)

On The Day
An unspecified number of £20 tickets are available from the box office at 10am. They’ll sell you the ‘best available’ for the day and the Day Seat queue isn’t usually very extensive.

TKTS have some discounted tickets.

Six (Arts)

Best deal is usually £25 Rush Tickets on TodayTix, otherwise direct from the Arts Theatre Box Office.

Thriller (Lyric)

TodayTix discount periodically – currently you can save up to 49% on ticket prices.


There aren’t currently any advertised discounts, but day seats are available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from the Box Office.

Wicked (Apollo Victoria)

TodayTix discount their tickets and waive booking fees etc quite regularly, meaning they can be starting at £19.50 – as always, check against the box office for the area you’re wanting to sit in.

On The Day
An infamous day seat queue – where people have been known to camp overnight to ensure that they are first in line.

Day seats are available at the box office from 10am, priced at £29.50. There are 24 seats in the front row of the stalls.
You could quite easily arrive at 7am and not be first, or arrive at 7am and see no one else arrive until 8:30. Obviously it’s slightly dependent on time of year, holiday periods and weekends, but it’s also pot luck.
On important dates – including cast change – Dayseats are limited to one ticket per person.

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The Woman In Black (Fortune)

TodayTix currently have up to 40% off some tickets.

These offers are updated as often as possible as and when I receive them. TodayTix is mentioned a lot here and their links are mostly affiliate links as stated above, however I still only publish the best deals here, and don’t ever publish an affiliate link for a more expensive equivalent ticket in place of sharing information on the best bargain! 

Venue Specific Offers 

Southwark Playhouse – Pay As You Go scheme – Where £60 gets you a ticket for 5 productions of your choice – making it £12 per show.

Regents Park Open Air Theatre – for 18-25 year olds.

Young Vic – The Season Saver means you receive 20% off if you book 3 shows at a time. There is also the Lucky Dip – £10 tickets but without the ability to choose your specific seat, and £5 Previews with TodayTix.

Arcola Theatre – The Passport Scheme allows you to save money on lots of tickets, but make sure you’ll use the other benefits to or you won’t quite make your money back on just the tickets.