Review: ★★★★ Tori Scott, THIRSTY, The Vault Festival

Review: ★★★★ Tori Scott, THIRSTY, The Vault Festival

Direct from New York City, Tori Scott’s THIRSTY is a cautionary tale of what one woman will do to quench her thirst and how best to get away with it. The thirst is real, and the stories are tragically all true. Sit back, strap in and get ready for an hour of cabaret, comedy and c**k.

‘I love you Tori’ shouts a fan from the crowd. The atmosphere is supportive and inclusive and the audience is a diverse mix of Americans, gay men, and newbies. Tori’s fan base overlooks age, gender and culture – the only thing everyone has in common is that they’re all here to have a good time! A live band, affectionately called ‘The Shame Spirals,’ accompanies Scott onstage. It’s formed of Adam Wachter on Piano, Jamie Wilkins on Bass and Lisa Martin on the Drums. A talented three piece that never pull focus or attention from its star. Everyone wears black, the quintessential colour of the moody and mysterious New York artist; with Tori’s pink heels bringing the only pop of colour to the stage.

The lighting changes subtly, through hues of red, white and blue, offering a slice of America to the British Theatre Scene. The sole prop is a Vodka Martini, garnished with olives – Tori’s favourite drink and very apt, as most of her stories/songs can be linked back to her love of the spirit. Speaking of songs, over 20 are featured in the show; an eclectic mix of pop, show tunes and Edif Piaf. Although they aren’t originals, Scott offers a fresh take on the classics, bringing new meaning to Judy Garland’s ‘Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart’ and countless others. Topics covered include religion, drugs, online dating, America and of course, vodka. Every anecdote has a song to match and each one is sung with great emotion and feeling – special mention to the rendition of Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church.’ Scott commands the stage with great ease, carefully balancing comedy and politics. Her tales are as hilarious as they are sobering. If anything, more stories would be welcome.

THIRSTY is grotty, brash, gay & unequivocally shameful and those who have seen the show know that is meant as a massive compliment!

Chloe Hoey

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