6 Podcasts you need to listen to if you like Theatre

  • Theatre People Podcast

If you haven’t heard of this… where have you been? The brilliant thing about The Theatre People Podcast is that if you haven’t listened to it before, there is a SIGNIFICANT back catalogue. You can go back and listen to every single episode and feel like you know everyone’s life story who has ever been on broadway, or have a scroll through and pick your favourites.

  • Broadway Backstory

Does what it says on the tin – tells the stories of how broadway musicals went from none existent to broadway, and all of the stages in between. A brainchild of the Theatre People Podcast, the format is similar and Patrick Hinds is still Obsessed with everything, but as long as you can start to filter that out, it’s super interesting.

  • Living The Dream with Rory O’Malley

Each episode is lengthy, and they’re not all hard and fast ‘about theatre’ but if you stick with them, they’re really interesting. Rory O’Malley is really great at gleaming information from people who seem to be his friends… just by having a chat to them.

  • Poddin on the Ritz

This is over now, but still worth going back and listening. Ross Noble and Hadley Fraser talking about Young Frankenstein, theatre in general, and a whole load of other nonsense – but it’s wonderful. Comedic, light hearted and somehow still informative – that is, if you want to know about some musicals you’ve never heard of.

  • Jim and Tomic’s Musical Theatre Happy Hour

This makes Living The Dream seem short and sweet. SUPER in depth, SUPER informative, SUPER geeky, generally super. There really isn’t an aspect of any show that they don’t cover, and you don’t need to have seen the show under discussion to understand it.

  • The Magic Musicals and Theatre Podcast

Far more manageable episode length…! Worth a look through the archives as Alice Arnold has interviewed some pretty Big Names such as Miranda Hart and Carrie Hope Fletcher in the past.

What are your favourite Theatre Related Podcasts? 


Emma Betty

Emma Betty
Emma Betty

Emma Betty is 28 and a nurse in Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Emma has the Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Soundtrack (On CD!) to blame for her love for Musical Theatre, which she found in her parents living room pretty much as soon as she was old enough to know what it was. She began combining her love for Theatre, the Internet and Writing while she was still at school, through various blogs and on social media. Having moved to London in 2013, she launched Upper Circle 4 years later. A couple of years on, she is delighted to have a small team and is so grateful to those helping Upper Circle to grow every day!

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