Review: ★★★★ One Item Only – Ovalhouse

‘Do you know that humans, make up to 35,000 decisions a day?’ asks the unnamed protagonist. Unnamed, as he represents the thousands of unaccompanied children seeking refuge every day.

ONE ITEM ONLY, follows one child’s journey across desserts, mountains, forests and cities in search of a safe place, away from his troubled homeland. Packing a torch, money, I.D, marshmallows (because he likes them), and his trusty robot, to name just a few; the intrepid explorer embarks on his long and perilous journey.

The set is basic, yet the audience is truly transported to the different continents of the hero’s expedition. This is a true testament to the story telling of the piece, using sound, lighting, live performance, drawing and abstract theatre to grab and hold the attention of children and adults, alike. Tim Bell, the sole performer of the piece, plays an endearing young boy, capturing the excitement, exhaustion, exhilaration, fear and loneliness of a young child venturing into the unknown.

Although seeming to go far quicker than its estimated running time of 45 minutes, it’s especially ideal for families looking for something different to do this half term. A piece that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of hope, ONE ITEM ONLY reminds people to keep moving forward, no matter what and to be grateful that most of the 35,000 decisions a day they make, are rather trivial in comparison.

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Chloe Hoey
Chloe Hoey

Chloe Hoey is a Yorkshire lass from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (a.k.a. God’s Country). In true testament to her northern roots, she lives as north of North London as possible, ensuring she travels on the homely Northern Line whenever she can. She trained at the International School of Screen Acting in 3Mills Studios, London and is passionate about British film, TV and theatre. Loves Glenn Close, animals, new writing & her husband, in that order.

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