Review: ★★★★ Yablochkov Candle (Circusfest), Jackson’s Lane Theatre

Review: ★★★★ Yablochkov Candle (Circusfest), Jackson’s Lane Theatre

Yablochkov Candle transports you to Paris in the early 30s, in a unique speakeasy type cabaret. The smoky atmosphere, between lights and shadows, is the perfect backdrop for the show to come.

The audience, welcomed by jazzy music, settles in this red velvety atmosphere. The music begins, and Aino Venna performs her own creations under the dimmed lights. Her universe is inspired by French songs and old school rock that she manages to blend to perfection. Ilona Jäntti comes in; her charisma and focus mesmerise the audience.

Her performance is complex and strong yet delicate, and she uses the space and lighting beautifully. Her energy is fascinating, there is something dark with an inward focus yet she radiates. 

The audience enjoys Aino’s poetic creations of jazz and blues, while Ilona glides, climbs and slides around the room. Few gasps and chills, the audience is smitten by these powerful performers, left in awe and contemplation.

Yablochkov’s Candle plays until 21st April.

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Mylene Tissi

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