Review: ★★★★ The Bekkrell Effect, Circusfest – Roundhouse

Inspired by physicist Henri Becquerel’s discovery of radioactivity, French company Groupe Bekkrell make their UK premier with their piece, The Bekkrell Effect.

The main space at the Roundhouse is the perfect setting for this piece, as the huge gig space provides a blank canvas, almost like an empty warehouse in which the group play, discover and explore together. It’s a contemporary circus piece set in an unstable universe where matter decays and bonds disintegrate. This riot-grrrl take on circus, makes it punchy and current and the constant clanging of metal as the group fix their props – only adds to the gritty atmosphere.

The group is made up of 4 incredibly strong women, who are all extremely skilled in acrobatics, tumbling, climbing and tight rope walking (having trained together at the renowned Centre National des Arts du Cirque). The tricks they do are impressive, but more so is the simplicity and complicité they achieve as an ensemble. Through their movement they tell stories and achieve really comedic clowning moments paired with the more poignant and poetic; their range is vast.

This exhilarating and truly innovative piece, is a circus show with a punk edge. For your chance to see the scope of European Circus- don’t miss these ‘4 silly pranksters’. Their work is not to be missed.

The Bekkrell Effect plays until Sunday 22nd April. Tickets here. 

Victoria Margaret

Victoria Margaret
Victoria Margaret

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