Edinburgh Fringe Review: ★★★ Super, Plesance Courtyard, The Cellar

In this intimate venue is a two hander play based on two actors working as Superhero costume performers on Hollywood Boulevard; Batman (Rick), and Cat Woman (Catherine), played by Max Dowler and Charlie Vero-Martin respectively, and written by Matthew Radway. 

Mainly a monologue-style piece, with each character talking about their lives and experiences on the strip. 

This piece comedically looks at the way a story can be told in many different ways and the idea that what someone tells you may not be the whole truth, and warped by their perception of reality.

Dowler portrays the delusional male very convincingly, which adds to the humour when we hear the other side of his story from Vero-Martin. Charlie plays a likeable character that we can relate to as an adventurous young woman chasing her dreams and taking every opportunity in front of her, but soon realises there are consequences to her choices that she did not foresee.

When Dowler impersonates Steven, the ‘Robin’ to their Superhero trio, and absent member of their group, we finally see some glimpse of real humanity escape from the delusional bravado Rick has created for himself over the years. This is very well done, and is a needed break from the grandeur of the ‘Batman’ character. 

The structure is monologue after monologue, which can become a little dry after a while, but once the actors are finally on stage together, the pace does pick up. Also with this structure, the comedy is slightly lost after a while once the game is given away that Rick is telling a false account of events through his rose-tinted glasses.

Some laughs are regained, however, through Radway’s witty writing, and enhanced with some touching moments when both characters are taking off their armour – figuratively and sometimes literally – and showing us their true personalities. 

Radway’s clever writing touches on how it feels as an outsider, watching your friends succeed and coping with the conflicting emotions of jealousy and pride in that moment. It also offers a different perspective on ‘giving up’, explaining that sometimes stepping back from your dreams, can help you become unstuck, and new dreams can surface in the meantime. 

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The show is running until the 28th August, except on the 14th.

Emily Miller
Emily Miller

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