The Enchanted to play at The Bunker this June


I feel like calling your play The Enchanted really doesn’t imply that it’s a) written by a death penalty investigator or b) that it’s about capital punishment and child abuse. 

Anyway, I’m sure all will become clear when we actually see the show. 

The Enchanted is the product of mixing a death penalty investigator active in prison reform with a best selling author with achievements no smaller than the French Prix, ALA Medal for Excellence and a Carnegie Listing. (I don’t really understand what those terms mean either if we’re being real, but the point is that she’s top notch and she’s got a lot of experience under her belt.) Rene Denfield’s disturbing novel is brought to live through puppetry, performance, choreography and sound in this adaptation which has been described as ‘striking’. 

The show had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, and Pharmacy Theatre have now transferred their debut to London. The show has an underlying theme of evil, punishment and redemption – as an investigator works tirelessly to ensure that men do not go to their deaths without a fight. 

The cast will be made up of Corey Montague-Sholay, Jade Ogugua, Hunter Bishop, Georgina Morton, Liam Harkins, and Jack Staddon. The creative team comprises Connie Treves (Director), Emily Orme, David McFarlane, Lee McClellan, Gregory Jordan, and Jacob Lucy. 

Pharmacy Theatre comment;

‘Now more than ever, the exploration of these concepts needs to be discussed with wider audiences. By sharing Rene Denfeld’s story, we hope to illustrate, and provoke discussion about, the parallel failings of justice systems in America and the UK. This run will allow us to ask questions and inspire solutions for the way forward.’

This spellbinding story will refuse to let you go. It is a play with a message to tell about the treatment of human beings and the possibilities of redemption, and it delivers this with skill (Broadway Baby).


The show runs from Tuesday 6th – Saturday 17th June. Shows are Monday-Saturday at 7:30pm, and Saturday at 3pm. 

The Enchanted has an age recommendation of 15+. Tickets are available here



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