Edinburgh Fringe Review: ★★★★★ Public – The Musical, Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance 2

In a gender neutral bathroom, four unlikely strangers meet and get trapped for 60 minutes, which leads to us learning about their lives, their insecurities, and their willingness to better themselves and the world around them.

A cast comprised of masterful vocalists, Annabel Marlowe, Alicia Corrales, Hugo Rolland and Andrew Patrick-Walker, with an original score by Kyla Stroud. 

Stroud’s compositions are interesting and complex which are a joy to witness when performed by such talented, perfectly-cast performers.

With an hour to kill while trapped in this public bathroom, the characters try to get to know each other, which leads to some difficult conversations surrounding queerness, allyship and toxic masculinity. We are shown ways to navigate ways of life we may not understand, ways to learn and better ourselves, and ways to be unapologetically ourselves.

Each vocalist is given their moment to shine, and shine they do. With vocals so perfect, during the opening number I genuinely considered if they were performing to a click track. I hesitate to pick a performer out of this breathtaking bunch, but Patrick-Walker’s vocals are truly something to behold.

Interesting and engaging characters are wittily written, with moments of comedy coinciding with poignant, meaningful interactions as we learn more about these people who are learning about themselves and each other right in front of us.

This powerful piece of work is a must see of this year’s Fringe Festival, and is running until the 27th August in the Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance 2.

Emily Miller

Emily Miller
Emily Miller

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