Edinburgh Fringe Review: ★★★ NewsRevue, Pleasance Courtyard, The Grand

A fantastically clever concept for a show, and an unenviable feat having to write and learn a brand new show every week. Based on the hottest political topics of today, this is not a show that is at risk of being unrelatable or dated.

A five strong ensemble consisting of performers Mohamed Bangura, Elspeth Day-Collins, Phoebe-Loveday Raymond and Freddie Walker, accompanied by on stage MD Richard Baker. 

All of the performers utilised great accent work to portray politicians and celebrities who have hit the news recently for all of the wrong reasons. With satirical covers of musical numbers and pop hits interspersed with comedic scenes, the laughs come thick and fast.

Day-Collins and Raymond held the majority of the solos and their impressive vocals shows us why. I would, however, have liked to see Bangura and Walker take the stage a little more often with a solo number to make the show more balanced.

The audience particularly appreciated the political satire, which most of the time was outlandish – imagine Donald Trump working in a grocery store trying to hide confidential documents from the FBI – but enjoyable nonetheless.

Structurally nothing changes much within the show, which I do think the piece could benefit from. The only change comes from a singular ‘meta’ moment where the performers stall a skit referring to the particularly ‘touchy’ subject matter for it being in poor taste.

Tighter choreography and transitions would have elevated the piece to new heights, to match the skills of the ensemble’s acting abilities and writing. To be able to write and learn an entirely new show as often as they do is no small task.

The show ends with a fantastically funny Queen medley based on, you guessed it, the Royal Family. While an obvious choice, it rounded off the piece nicely and got the audience energised and engaged.

NewsRevue is on at The Pleasance Courtyard, The Grand until the 27th August.

Emily Miller
Emily Miller

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