Edinburgh Fringe Review: ★★★★★ Nuclear Children, Pleasance Courtyard, The Attic

Effortlessly charming and witty, writer and performer Ezra England invites us to share in her space with ease and grace as she tells us about a young girl moving away from her home and her troubled mother after her father suddenly passes away.

Her confidence in this piece and her choices relaxes the audience which rarely happens during a solo show such as this. We hear about relatable problems such as dating for the first time, university, and making new friends in this new chapter in her life, which quickly shift and surprise us.

England paints us a vivid image with every story she tells us which, while all distinct and separate, somehow flow smoothly. Constantly surprising us with the twists and turns in these tales, this show is a masterclass in not only writing, but multi-rolling. The subtlest of acting choices completely transform England to a point where by the end she does not need to utter a word and we know exactly which character we are being greeted with.

This piece is a very raw commentary of dealing with your own mental health issues while trying to deal with those of our loved ones around us. With minimal set and costume, we are hyper focused on the writing and brilliant performance of England as she tries to navigate asking for help for herself, while trying to help her mother through the immense loss they have both gone through.

Nuclear Children is a must see of this Fringe, and is on at the The Pleasance Courtyard, The Attic until the 28th of August.


Emily Miller

Emily Miller
Emily Miller

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