The Journey of Hamilton

The Journey of Hamilton

Ahead of the Olivier Awards tomorrow, for which Hamilton is nominated a record breaking 13 times, it seems like a good time to look back at the whirlwind which came from Broadway to grab the attention of the West End. There are now a plethora of opinions out there – including the opinion that there don’t really need to be any more opinions – here are the defining moments in it’s short but already significant history.

First thing’s first – The wonderful ticketing setup.

Then this: What more is there for critics to say about Hamilton? 

But some thought we should absolutely believe every word of the hype. 

Some people clearly still had some things to say: Everything about Hamilton is unbearable. 

People got a bit angry when the top price tickets hit £250

Some even thought it should be boycotted.

Then Michael Jibson, gave his opinions on being from hull and being on the west end. 

Finally, it won its first prize.

And then some much talked about Royals decided that they should probably take a visit .

People are still largely confused as to how to get a ticket. 

But it still managed to break the record for the most EVER Olivier Nominations.


Images: Matthew Murphy

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