Review: ★★★★ Jinkx Moonsoon & Major Scales: Together Again, Again

It’s the future (I mean now ;)), and a lot has changed in the last 20/30/40 years since Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales performed on stage together. Those that remain on Earth have paid their respects to drag queens passed, said hello to reptilian overlords and a fond BYEEEEEEE to a world they once knew. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, after the past few years…not really! Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales are Together Again, Again with a show about friendship, tenacity, and humour in the face of adversity. Hail Garglax!


An homage to the late greats of the golden era of Hollywood who would tour around the world in their twilight years, dream team Jerick Hoffer and Richard Andriessen are back, as their hilarious drag personas; albeit much older and slightly more confused (I wonder if any inspiration came from Debbie Reynold’s show Alive and Fabulous). Since they were last seen, the duo have become estranged, fading away into obscurity since their work on A Star is Born 2: The Afterbirth, and their controversial global anthem for their alien rulers. Reunited at last, they regale the audience with stories from the past, and reflect on their illustrious career through an array of musical numbers, and filmed archive footage.


A drag icon, Jinkx Monsoon has the innate ability the hold the audience in the palm of her hand. Her quick ad-libs and improvisations are a masterclass in comedy. A personal favourite: ‘Hello Sir, are you in showbusiness? No. Then what’s your drink doing on my f**king stage!’ Major Scales expert musicianship is second to none, with both artists making scripted-improv seem effortless – no mean feat. A mix of original and classic musical numbers (with a twist), cabaret and vaudeville gags aplenty, it’s an absolute joy to see Monsoon and Scales back in the spotlight where they belong. Please don’t leave it another 45 years!


Chloe Wade


Emma Betty
Emma Betty

Emma Betty is 28 and a nurse in Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Emma has the Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Soundtrack (On CD!) to blame for her love for Musical Theatre, which she found in her parents living room pretty much as soon as she was old enough to know what it was. She began combining her love for Theatre, the Internet and Writing while she was still at school, through various blogs and on social media. Having moved to London in 2013, she launched Upper Circle 4 years later. A couple of years on, she is delighted to have a small team and is so grateful to those helping Upper Circle to grow every day!

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