5 touring productions your grandparents would enjoy

5 touring productions your grandparents would enjoy

*Caveat. My Grandparents would enjoy them, mostly.

Whether it’s for a present, or just a treat – these are all great for anyone, but they spring to mind as shows that the older generation would enjoy.


Guaranteed to make anyone gawp at how talented the entire cast of children are. Lovely songs, heart warming story, a man playing a woman and a tale which many will already be familiar with. What can go wrong?

Tour dates here


A classic – and one that a lot of people will know at least some of the music to. ‘Proper’ musical theatre if there ever was such a thing – probably as far as the grandparents are concerned, anyway.

Tour dates Here

The Play That Goes Wrong

Utterly silly, and not to everyone’s taste – but if your relatives like a giggle and aren’t too cynical, this is the perfect play. Uncomplicated and relentlessly ridiculous, the west end  triumph is taking to stages around the UK in 2018.

Tour dates Here


The full package – and a true spectacle. Beautiful costumes, typical love triangle story, impressive songs and some great ensemble numbers.

Tour dates Here

The Band

Does what it says on the tin: features the music of Take That. It opened to unanimous rave reviews and continues to tour the UK in 2018.

Tour dates Here


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