Review: ★★★ Yummy, Underbelly Festival

Review: ★★★ Yummy, Underbelly Festival

As the London celebrates the Pride centenary, what better way to celebrate it than to head to the Underbelly for Yummy: a celebration of drag and burlesque all the way from Melbourne, Australia.

The Underbelly space lends itself so well to the shows format, with the group numbers effectively choreographed to utilise the full space. Karen from Finance makes a great compere for the evening, with her Bitch Better Have My Money/Money Money Money mix being a highlight of the night.

The best component to a cabaret style show is if you do not enjoy one of the acts, the next one could be a great fit for you. Some of the acts are amusing, with some more of a spectacle. Jandruze’s routine to Sandwiches is comical, particularly with audience participation; whilst Hannie Helsden’s human slinky act is impressive. However, some routines do not feel like they fully take off, and once their initial joke is over the momentum drops.

Overall, it’s a fun hour of entertainment, but more boundaries could be pushed.

Go for a pleasurable hour of entertainment that rejoices drag culture!

Niamh Flynn 

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