Review: ★★★★★ Vulvarine, King’s Head Theatre

Review: ★★★★★ Vulvarine, King’s Head Theatre
It’s about time we had some more female superheroes – especially ones fighting against the patriarchy! Introducing Vulvarine: socially anxious Bryony Buckle (Allie Munroe) – injected with a questionable vaccine at the doctors and struck by lightening….Overnight, Bryony gains super-strength and invisibility, but most importantly, the self confidence she needed all along! (Oh, and the ability to talk to her cat).

This comedy musical by Fat Rascal is infectious. From the very moment we’re introduced to High Wycombe, there’s exaggerated personas, puppetry and hilarious choreographed movement. We’re introduced to a selection of unforgettable characters; from Bryony’s Bristolian best friend and side-kick, Poppy (Katie Wells) – who cracks us up with brilliant one-liners like: “you should try my head massager – makes your head feel like a clit”, to Greatest Showman fan and evil villain, The Mansplainer, played with great gusto by Fat Rascal Artistic Director, Robyn Grant.

The songs are delightfully silly and wonderfully crafted. We’re met with variations of Bryony’s song, “Who’s that Girl” – a catchy, empowering number that carries the theme through, but then we’re jolted out of our seats with side-splitting songs like “Licking My Anus” sung by Bryony’s cat. Hats off to Robyn Grant, Daniel Fox and James Ringer-Beck for ingenious music and lyrics.
Vulvarine is the superhero you’ve always dreamed off; binning unsolicited dick pics, stopping man-spreaders in their tracks and giving lessons on consent. Fat Rascal manage to make really strong points around female empowerment and the patriarchy, but with side-splitting effect. If you’re down for a side of hilarity with your feminist musical main – look no further than Fat Rascal’s Vulvarine!
Tess Kennendy

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