Review: ★★★★★ Titanic, Churchill Theatre Bromley

Originating in Broadway, Titanic the Musical, now on tour after residency at The Southwark Playhouse 2013 and The Charing Cross Theatre 2016, is a stirring and thought provoking production, revealing more about the real people who boarded the ‘unsinkable ship’ on its maiden voyage in April 1912.

With a stark stage, replicating the ship with railings and a moveable platform, this piece centres upon the ambitions of the passengers and crew on board the ship. We see intertwining stories, from the first class elite like the Astors to the stoker of the ship Barrett– as each character plans their own dreams for the future innocently unaware of the fate awaiting them.

Maury Yeston’s music and lyrics reflect the human yearnings on the ‘ship of dreams’. The swelling and surging of the music embody and encapsulate the vastness of the ocean, the industrial revolution, the race to keep up with the changing of the world, the social climbing, the new money, and the hope and dreams of an aspiring nation.

Thom Southerland’s direction is simple and effective, his use of the cast passing through the audience as they make their entrances and exits, makes the story come alive even more so. With stand out performances from Greg Castiglioni as Andrews and Niall Sheehy as Frederick Barrett the cast are superb. They each bring stunning vocals and honest characterisation and as an ensemble are a real delight to watch giving the 1517 men, women and children who lost their lives dignity through having each of their stories told.

Running until 21st July at The Churchill Theatre Bromley, this is not to be missed. 


Victoria Margaret
Victoria Margaret

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