Review: ★★★★★ Revisor, Sadlers Wells

Associate artist of Sadlers Wells Crystal Pite has once again teamed up with actor and writer Jonathon Young after their inaugural collaboration on Betroffenheit. Having premiered in Vancouver, ‘Revisor’ from Pite’s company, ‘Kidd Pivot’ finds itself in the main house at Sadlers Wells for a three-night run.

This is an adaptation of Gogol’s ‘Revisor’ (known generally in English translations as ‘The Government Inspector’). The farcical and frantic twists and turns in Gogol’s plot are beautifully performed using sharply written pre-recorded dialogue and live movement on stage.

Essentially, and for the most part, the dancers’ act and dance along to the play we can hear. Therein lies the gold. Freed from having to articulate vocally or find character choices in the spoken word, they have taken the words into their bodies and brought life to the words in abstract and literal interpretation. A lot of comedy is found in the choreography almost lampooning the delivery of the text and this self-aware breaking of their convention was wise, unpretentious and hilarious.

Cindy Salgado gave a wonderfully whirling, strong and comedic performance as Anna, the wife of the Director. Jermaine Spivey also impressed with his spasmodic Postmaster, tortured by his struggle in containing the secrets he clearly reads in everyone’s post.
Ella Rothschild was speculator as Minister Desouza, pushing the physical interpretation of the character voice-over to its angular limits.

Crystal Pite and Jonathan Young along with a beautiful score from Owen Belton, Alessandro Juliana and Meg Roe have created a truly wonderful piece of theatre. Neither simply dance or traditional theatre, but an exciting and exhilarating new form that transcends either genre.

There was a slight drop in the pace in the central more dance-oriented section (albeit with absolutely excellent movement) but the standing ovation from the audience in the (deservedly long) curtain call was well earned and long may this collaboration continue.


Jamie Wheeler

Jamie Wheeler
Jamie Wheeler

Jamie Wheeler is an experienced director, designer and acting teacher.


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