Review: ★★★★ Mythic, Charring Cross Theatre

Set in Ancient Greece (in the present), Mythic, a new pop musical by Marcus Stevens and Oran Eldor, tells the story of Persephone and how she became to be Queen of the Underworld.

Persephone or ‘P’ for short, brought to life by the power house that is Georgie Westall, is your typical rebellious teenage girl. Sheltered by her mother, Demeter, Daniella Bowen, she’s kept away from the glitz and glamour of Athens, and is expected to carry on the family business with the harvest nymphs in the countryside. However, not wanting to miss out on the party of the year at the Acropolis- Persephone runs away and finally catches a glimpse of what she’s been missing out on all of these years.

We meet the fabulous Kardashian like Aphrodite Goddess of love, Genevieve McCarthy, who grabs the opportunity to impress her father Zeus king of the Gods, Tim Oxbrow, by being the one to bring Persephone to the party. However, things take a turn for the worse when the grungey emo Hades, God of the dead shows up, Michael Mather, making his professional debut with an opportunity to showcase his stunning pop/rock vocals.

This is a story of family, of learning to let your loved ones go in order to grow together, shown through the stunning duet, ‘I will be your home’. The score is catchy, each song is memorable and progresses the narrative effortlessly. Particular stand outs have to be Demeter’s solo ‘What mothers have to do’, showing her resilience and the strength of a mother daughter bond and Aphrodite’s squeaky ‘Ew!’ song, where shiny Greek beauty meets the slime and sludge of the dank underworld.

Sarah O’Gleby’s direction and choreography is fun and slick, adding humour with placards, and using the Greek chorus to create the three different worlds. The set and costume design by Lee Newby, is contemporary with hints of Ancient Greece; we see long white drapes representing Athens, teamed with eyeliner and fishnets, bringing this ancient musical into the 21st century.

A succinct 90 minute musical, Mythic runs from 1st October – 24th November.

Victoria Margaret
Victoria Margaret

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