REVIEW: ★★★★★ Ladykiller, The Vaults

Ladykiller is dangerously good. It is particularly satisfying for anyone who has ever worked in customer service. This show leaves you exiting the theatre reminding yourself that you shouldn’t act out those murderous thoughts on the can I speak to your manager types.

The stage is set with the body of a women lying in a pool of blood. Another women covered in blood, a maid, enters. Your preconceived expectations taken from this scene, established in most murder mysteries are then completely defied. Without giving away the central plot twist, just as you are drawn in the pace and tone is abruptly, humorously, switched in a way that leaves your head spinning. Hannah McClean gives an outstanding performance. Her comedic timing is impeccable: she is compelling throughout.

Ladykillers’ brilliance comes in the strength of the script by Madeline Gould. Themes that might seem juxtaposing in content – gig economy, famous murderers, #metoo – are expertly woven together and combined into the narrative of our deeply fascinating, unreliable protagonist. As an audience we are constantly being challenged to question female stereotypes on numerous levels. Not only in how we expect female characters to behave but also in what we expect them to think and care about. This could come across as preachy. But interlinked with the central theme of murder it becomes hilarious, genuinely thought-provoking and at times disturbing.

Ladykiller is not one you should miss.


Ashanti Wheeler-Artwell

Ashanti Wheeler-Artwell
Ashanti Wheeler-Artwell

Ashanti Wheeler-Artwell is a poet, writer and actor. You can follow her creative endeavours on facebook @Ashanti Wheeler-Artwell Instagram @poetrythatunpicks or on her website 


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