Top Picks for September

Top Picks for September

Here are my top recommendations for this September, along with Age Suitability, Ticket Prices & Deals:

Top Five:

  1. 42nd Street. A real dancing treat but absolutely not at the expense of the vocal talent of the entire cast. Well worth a watch – get day tickets from the box office for £15 for front row which is the best value I’ve ever seen/had, or get Rush Tickets on TodayTix for £20 (£10 with the code TUNWE if it’s your first purchase). I’d say it’s suitable for all ages though little ones might not get it and therefore enjoy it that much – but certainly appropriate for any age of dance aficionado.
  2. Evita – I have actually seen very mixed reviews of this, but it’s probably one to go and see if you like an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and one of his more complex scores. Obviously political but while I’ve not seen it yet, there don’t seem to be any age warnings anywhere.
  3. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Sienna Miller, The End. Highly anticipated, highly talked about, richly praised, I’ll be getting there ASAP. Recommended for age 15+.
  4. Jesus Christ Superstar. If for no other reason than you really should go to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. I know this makes it two ALW musicals on my list which is highly unlike me, but if last year’s production is anything to go by this really will be fantastic. Slightly gory in places so don’t take your young children but otherwise enjoyable for absolutely everyone!
  5. Lady Day. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t go and see Audra McDonald given the chance. I’ve got no idea whether the show is any good or not, but I don’t know why you’d miss the opportunity. TodayTix have some £15 seats even if they are up in the gods – go for a fiver with the code above! You’ve only got 9 days though, so be quick. ‘Contains strong language and themes of adult nature’, so choose wisely.

Last Chance to see:

  1. Half A Sixpence. It’s absolutely your last chance to see this production and while I hope to those in power in theatre that it goes on tour, you really should see this brilliant show. You will leave singing and feeling better about life and people. Read my review here.

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