Review: I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical, Crazy Coqs

Review: I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical, Crazy Coqs

In an attempt to do something far from the norm,

the following review is in lyrical form.

Charting the life of a musical performer,

the highs and the lows, the success and the trauma.

It’s not glitz and glamour like many attest,

but grit and hard work, this piece would suggest.

Set in a swanky, high end Soho bar –

what many believe is the life of a star.

Instead, it’s mainly waiting out for ‘the call,’

the truth of the industry; warts and all.

Featuring comedic numbers like, ‘I Love to Sing,’

It narrates the journey from drama school to ‘stand-in.’

From alternates to understudies, to ensembles and more,

It’s about the hard struggle of getting your foot through the door.

Line learning from cast needs a bit of a tweak,

but no one can say they lack vocal technique.

From opera and rock, singing breathy to brassy,

Their vocal dynamics prove classic and sassy.

It’s composer Bermange who’s the star of the show,

accompanying the cast on his grand piano.

With memories of the late, great, Victoria Wood,

he gives the revue his tears, sweat & blood.

It’s an ode to the musical, both old and new,

With familiar chords from ‘Wicked’ & ‘Cats’ too.

Through sharp notes and flat notes to pure a cappella,

The overall production is truly quite stellar.

And so comes the end of this musical revue,


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