Review: ★★★★ Flashdance, Churchill Theatre Bromley

Flashdance; it’s in the name, really, and the dancing is indeed flashy. The classic film from 1983, which was only been adapted to the stage in 2008, is currently touring the UK. It tells the story of Alex, a welder, who really wants to be a dancer and her journey to achieve her goal. As many other 80’s classics, it is full of cliches but also full of absolute hits such as ‘What a Feeling’ and ‘Maniac’.

Joanne Clifton (Alex)  is not only a Strictly Come Dancing champion, but also a world champion ballroom dancer. Every single member of the of the ensemble excel in the dance numbers, but the acting is nothing mind blowing, it is even overacted at times.

As well as the incredibly skilled dancers, the music which many will know very well, is the highlight of this production. That being said, some of the ensemble numbers in the first act don’t do any of the wonderful singers much justice and it can be difficult to distinguish the lyrics; the smash hits have obviously been the main focus as they are very successfully executed. Every single audience member singing along at the end.
Flashdance is quite a cliche and there’s a large risk of cringing during this production – but who’s to say there’s anything wrong with that? It is very similar to other 80’s hits, but this production has, without a doubt, the best dance moves. They do miss some opportunities for jokes and almost try to hard at other times and the few stage combat moments definitely need some work, but for a feel good night out and an education in the all singing, all dancing musical – FLASHDANCE should not be missed.

Yasmin Simsek


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