H.R.Haitch to play at The Union Theatre

H.R.Haitch to play at The Union Theatre

Following a highly successful concert version as part of Iris Theatre’s Workin Process scheme, H.R.Haitch opens at the Union Theatre as a freshly re-imagined full-length production.

Featuring original music composed by Luke Bateman (Mr. Poppers Penguins) and lyrics written by children’s author and Carnegie Medal recipient Maz Evans, H.R.Haitch is a hilarious and charming new musical for princesses and paupers alike.

Starring Tori Allen-Martin (Hair, UK Tour; Wretch, VAULT Festival; Muted, The Bunker), H.R.Haitch is a 21st century British satirical production about class, celebrity, patriotism, politics, race and a dash of social values. Set in an East London pub under the threat of closure, H.R.Haitch follows the family of the Dog & Duck as they are thrust into the limelight when their love-struck daughter Chelsea discovers a sudden unexpected connection to the Royal Family.

First written in 2015, this show began as a piece of pure fiction but it now pertinently reflects the current excitement surrounding the royal family and this year’s royal wedding. It’s 2011 and feisty east ender Chelsea’s future is bright. She has a new man and there’s a new progressive Prime Minister to light the days ahead. The media can stick their obsession with the identity of Prince Albert – the secret royal who’s been in hiding for 20 years. However, Bertie has something big to tell Chelsea. He’s down on one knee, but it’s not a ring he has in store… it’s a crown. And Chelsea will soon discover that travelling from Barking to Buckingham Palace takes more than a topped-up Oyster Card…

Director Daniel Winder comments,

H.R.Haitch is a real culmination of all the new musical theatre development we do at Iris Theatre which often flies under the radar. We first introduced Luke and Maz to one another as part of the Workin Process scheme and ended up commissioning them to write the show after they won three awards at our competitions. To be able to bring that musical forward from the 2015 showcase to a full production is so exciting – especially now in the light of current affairs!

H.R.Haitch plays from 9th May – 2nd June 2018.

Tickets here, with an early bird rate of £17.50 if you quote Chelsea and book before 28th March.

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