My ‘Never been in London’ wish list

My ‘Never been in London’ wish list

There isn’t any holiday I’d rather go on than an all-theatre-included trip to NYC. Alas, a girl can dream. This is what I would have in London if it was up to me:


I KNOW it was at The Other Palace basically last week, I know. I want it in a more accessible form though – not a blink and you’ll miss the booking period work-in-progress form that I have NO doubt was incredible, but I want more. Sorry for being demanding and stuff.

Next To Normal

I know I’m predictable, but it’s so good? I feel like there is a serious lack, in big London theatres, of Musicals that actually mean something. I’m 102% sure that someone is going to tell me all of the meanings of every show in London, but Is the Broadway audience really so much better at thinking about actual things other than love triangles and the underdog coming through?

Fun Home

IT IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY. How can that not blow your mind?


I don’t know how this isn’t here yet. It doesn’t seem to be based on an ‘American’ concept any more than other shows which do really well in London are – and I genuinely really like the music? Am I the only one?

Come From Away

Oh we’ve got a theme going on here haven’t we – some storylines that I don’t think have been seen in London yet. I didn’t even know about this show until I listened to a Theater People podcast about it – and now I just love the interviews and the story and all of it. The soundtrack doesn’t make a whole amount of sense without the show I don’t think – unless I’m missing something – but I’d love to see this done this side of the pond.

What do you want to see here? 


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